Business Opportunities


Business Opportunities

Across the United States, successful business acquisitions start with finding prime real estate opportunities aimed to yield significant equity to the investor. Avatar Group has built a team of knowledgeable professionals ready to provide you the right solution.

Our team finds businesses for sale in your local area and many are available through our expansive network of valuable connections built up over the years of experience. Once we narrow down your search, we give you the option to decide which opportunities will help you achieve your desired results. Covering a range of industries and we’ll help you turn these businesses around in no time.

To be successful, you must be quick about the process. In order to get started, Avatar Group needs to pre-approve every client to understand their purchase capacities then we only return results within these specifications. Since we work on a consultation basis, there are reasonable search fees for all transactions seen through from begin to successful closing.

Avatar Group’s goal is to provide you with incredible opportunities as soon as they are available. We get new listings every month on businesses for sale in your city or state. Call us today and we’ll add you to our list of buyers so you have access to these opportunities every month.


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For Buyers


Once you are pre approved, you gain access to an extensive network of unique distressed properties, inquiring sellers, as well as other buyers. See your connections grow instantly. Avatar Group connects you with properties difficult to find anywhere else. You’ll have access to: Property photos, MLS comps, and repair details. All of this exclusively for you by signing up for our buyer’s list.

With Avatar Group, increase your profits and get your deals closed quickly. Should you want to utilize our consultation services, we have a team of expert investors ready to guide you through the buying process.


For Sellers


Avatar Group can help you rid yourself the burden of owning an unprofitable business. We’ll help you save your hard earned money spent on unnecessary bills so you can invest in your future. Working closely with interested buyers, our practice is to quickly close deals and get you the cash you deserve. You won’t even have to worry about fixing up the property. We will sell it “as-is” to alleviates the stress of additional renovations.

We understand you may be encountering financial difficulties so let us help. We can get you top dollar value for your business, fast closing times, and stop the foreclosure process. Get cash when you need it most. Trust the team at Avatar Group.


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