Real Estate Wholesaler


Real Estate Wholesaler

Are you a potential investor interested in obtaining profits in wholesale real estate? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Avatar Group focuses on finding unique opportunities to present to investors and it’s been our efficiency in this aspect which makes us a popular choice for even the most experienced buyer.

Avatar Group has a dependable database of buyers, sellers and properties which offer an amazing return opportunity for all parties involved. We’ve worked hard over the years building this extensive network and consider it an ideal starting point. Whether you are looking for properties to purchase or you need buyers because you’re ready to sell. Avatar Group is here to help.

The wholesale real estate market is complex and forever changing. This is why we have an entire team devoted to analyzing market data and staying current on the needs of today’s investors. Our professionals are constantly working to find the best deals on wholesale properties within your specified geographic areas. These techniques have proven to have substantial equity. You deserve to get you profits on time so it’s our business to promptly close deals and that’s why we continue to earn the respect of investors.

With our company, the process is simple: finding great deals on distress properties you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Give one of our friendly professional consultants a call and start making quick sales with Avatar Group today. Don’t forget to ask about how you can receive a list of available properties every month.


Avatar Group realizes that the wholesale real estate industry can be overwhelming at times. We can help you sell your property more effectively and efficiently.


For Buyers


There's a growing number of people around the world who are wisely choosing to invest in wholesale properties to earn more income. This requires a great deal of determinations and becomes more of a reality when you work with Avatar Group.

Our job is to identify great deals on properties that you simply wont find anywhere else. These properties are located across the country and are included in our extensive database. Our services access these properties at below market value which you can sell for a quick turnaround and earn a sizeable profit.

Our team consists of professional real estate investors who have the experience to help you from beginning to end. We'll go through the entire process with you; providing online listings, comps in your local market, and answer your questions so you are confident with your decision to work with Avatar Group.


For Sellers


Avatar Group will buy your distress property "as-is" for a quick sale in return for cash. Whether you are facing foreclosure, you need to liquidate your assets, or you have other property issues, our team is here to help make the process of selling your property smooth and hassle free.

Within our expansive network of investors, we'll advertise your home or business property to interested buyers around the world. Providing them with your online listing, we'll accurately price your property so it it sells fast. You'll get a customized marketing plan that works when you team up with Avatar group.

Whether you are a buyer or seller,if you are motivated to be successful in the wholesale real estate industry, Avatar Group will provide industry lading assistance to help you succed. Working together, we can help you meet your financial goals in no time.


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