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Business Consultant

Get access to a professional team of investors who provide advice on buying and selling a range of properties in your local real estate market.

For Buyers

Aimed at getting you top value for your dollar, we do not have any hidden fees and we tell you upfront what the cost will be on your property of interest. The buying process is one we guide you through, with affordable rates for our savvy consultation services. That takes any stress off your shoulders, whether you are new or have experience in wholesale real estate.


For Sellers

Speak with professionals who invest in properties just like yours every day. Whether you are selling business property or your home, we are interested in helping alleviate your stress so you can quickly get rid of those mounting bills. We’ll consult you on the best way to complete a quick sell on your property including details on what is a good asking price, and guide you through the paperwork involved in closing the deal.

For both buyers and sellers, Avatar Group is your go-to consulting service for wholesale real estate. We can help you with the planning process; assess appropriate pricing in your local area and completing paperwork within the required deadlines. Our rates are reasonable and our advice is top quality.


A hard money loan is simply a short-term loan secured by real estate.

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